Engineering firms and consultants have a unique challenge with some projects. How do they view, inspect or get to see things that they need to make the important decisions. Whether it is needing to see the underside of a wide expanse bridge to check rivets, or whether they need to get to the top side of a high-voltage power pole, RiverBend Aerials can get the perspective that is needed.

Having UAV/UAS capabilities for small engineering or consulting firms is an expense that probably isn’t worth the benefits. Especially once you input the need for expensive liability insurance, registration of the equipment, and licensing of the staff to pilot the equipment.

RiverBend Aerials can provide support to engineering firms of any size. No matter the need, we can find a solution to the need. Solutions we can provide:

  • Bridges
  • Power Poles
  • Remote Areas
  • River/Reservoir Dams
  • And so many more!

Depending upon the pilot and equipment used, RiverBend Aerials can provide up to 20 mega-pixel still images and up to 4K (60 frames per second) video.