Outdoor events are a great opportunity to get aerial photography and video. These items can be used for future or post event marketing and promotion. Just about any types of event is a good candidate for aerial services.

RiverBend Aerials can get you the “BIG” picture of what your event covers or entails. If it is a fun-run or walk, we can give you an aerial run-through of the course. We can capture the start of the run with the group being released from the starting line. Our images could be used to build maps with locations of different activities or features of the event.

Events that we have or could cover:

  1. Music Festivals
  2. Fun-Runs
  3. Family Reunions
  4. Graduations
  5. Weddings

Large or small, events are best shown from the air to get a great impression of what visitors can expect from the event. Let RiverBend Aerials give the event a completely different perspective.

Depending upon the pilot and equipment used, RiverBend Aerials can provide up to 20 mega-pixel still images and up to 4K (60 frames per second) video.