Inspections are a necessity of life. Whether viewing a roof after storm damage, or just checking the top of high voltage power lines to ensure the integrity of the line and tower, inspections are required to minimize liability and protect the public.

Inspecting some things that have great height require expensive rigging and or lifts. Using the aerial capabilities of RiverBend Aerials can greatly reduce the cost of the inspecting, while getting high quality images and video of the sites to be inspected.

Aerial inspections may not completely remove the need for having someone physically inspect something, but it can determine whether that expensive and time consuming step is actually required. RiverBend Aerials wants to help save money on costly inspection services.

RiverBend Aerials can perform inspections on a diverse group of items and in a mixture of different industries:

  1. Insurance – Roofing or tall building views
  2. Power Company – Inspect high-voltage towers for structural integrity
  3. Insurance – Survey storm damage
  4. Civil Engineering – Inspect bridge structures
  5. Cellular/Broadcasting – Inspect transmission towers

Regardless of the item being inspected, aerial views can give that different perspective that is sometimes needed. RiverBend Aerials strives to give their client's that perspective they can't get anywhere else.

Depending upon the pilot and equipment used, RiverBend Aerials can provide up to 20 mega-pixel still images and up to 4K (60 frames per second) video.