Search & Rescue

When the need for a search and rescue operation comes up, time is of the essence. Getting people organized and searching in a particular area takes time. Aerial vehicles can speed up this process by getting eyes in the air immediately, to give a preliminary look at the targeted areas. It can help guide searchers to the areas they may want to focus on and rule out areas they shouldn't waste precious time on.

No one wants to have to be searching for someone who has gone missing. But the need is there. And putting all the available tools to work are something that needs to be done. Drones give that unique viewpoint that you just can't see and sometimes can't imagine while on the ground. Even if the drone or aerial vehicle is not used as the primary search device, it can definitely lend itself to helping with the cause.

Depending upon the pilot and equipment used, RiverBend Aerials can provide up to 20 mega-pixel still images and up to 4K (60 frames per second) video.